Best Trail Camera Reviews And Buying Guide

best trail cameraFor those who love doing outdoor activity, they need a camera that strong enough to be placed outside the room. Some hunters, gamers, or wild animals’ researchers, for example, they have to place some cameras to monitor the movement of people or animals they oversee. The standards camera will not able to take a picture under extreme circumstances such as weather fluctuations, disturbance of animals, etc. The outdoor lovers need stronger cameras that have some special features to support their activities. It will be easier to find the best trail camera if you know the specification of the camera you are looking for.

What is Trail Camera

Trail camera is a special camera that has some specific technology to take outdoor photographs or videos automatically. The camera must be waterproof, self-powered, and rugged to get optimal results. The usual cameras need to be operated by human, but this camera has its own setting that can be set before the camera is placed. Once you set it up, you can put it wherever you want and then come back again tomorrow or few days later to pick it up. The videos or photos are stored on the internal memory in the camera. You can check it on your smartphone or computer.

Types of Trail Camera

You can find many types of trail camera on both online and offline store. Every type has their features and usability. Nowadays, there are many modern trail cameras that have digital data storage to save the data, but we can still find some cameras that use the 35mm film. The development of trail camera is growing rapidly. Now there is a cellular camera that can connect to your mobile phone via the internet. The data collected can be sent directly so you do not need to take the camera in places where the camera was placed.

This camera uses a sim card like the one used in your mobile phone. Some trail cameras also have specific sensors such as the motion sensor. This type of camera will capture a picture or videos when the sensor detects any movement. It will be very useful for sports or wildlife photography. Some trial cameras are often used to record in the night. These cameras have high resolution lens and infrared to take pictures in low light. It has a light sensor that can turn on and off the infrared automatically. A good trial camera can produce good images and videos both at day and night.

Benefit of Trail Camera

With all the technology and features, trial cameras are widely used by both professional workers and ordinary people. It can give many benefits that cannot be provided by a regular camera. The first trail camera benefit is that they can be placed anywhere without worry of being destroyed by water. It usually has bigger power capacity so it can be used in a long time. Its technology also provides a lot of convenience to the user. Many of them now can be connected to the internet through GSM signal or Wi-Fi. The camera can be controlled and monitored anywhere by using a mobile phone.

Things to consider when choosing the best trail camera

Many kinds of trail camera available on the market today give a freedom to the buyers to choose the one that suit their needs. When choosing the best trail camera, we need to do some comparisons and read the specification carefully before deciding to buy. The resulting image quality is the most important thing to consider from a camera. Not only the resolution, you also need to check the fields of view of the camera. Commonly, some types of trail camera have two different fields of views that is 42 degrees and 55 degrees. The 55 degrees is better because you will get a wider field of view on the resulting image.

For the cameras that use sensors, you need to know the area-wide that covered by the sensors. A camera that has a motion sensor with narrow area coverage has to be placed closer to the target. The camera’s speed when capturing moving images should also be considered. You have to know how long the camera captures an object since it enters the sensor area. The recovery time is also important to determine how many images can be obtained within one minute. A good camera commonly needs less than five seconds to recover.

Top 5 Trail Camera Reviews

#1 Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP

Browning Strike Force Sub MicroA camera with a camo casing is better to be placed on a tree when hunting or doing other activities. Browning Strike Force is the most recommended trail camera that you can find on the internet. It has 0.67 seconds of the trigger time and 100-foot range of flash. You can use it to record five seconds to two minutes high definition videos with sound. The maximal video resolution is 720p. Powered by 6 AA batteries, this camera also can be used to capture images in the night. The Zero Blur Night technology and IR flash will give you the best night image you can get from a small camera. Browning also gives better motion sensor to this series. This camera will take pictures if the sensor detects any movement even from falling branches. Strike force is very popular among hunters because it is sold at a low range of price.

#2 Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell 8MPThe second on the list is a high class trail camera from Bushnell. With the normal price of $350.00, Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD give you high quality optics that can produce captivating images and videos either at daytime and nighttime. It is the perfect camera if you want a high quality camera with wireless connectivity. This camera uses a sim card that can connect to the internet. You can control the camera anywhere using your PC, laptop, or smartphone. Bushnell has their own pre-paid data connection that is affordable for their customers. They give free and unlimited data connection on the first 30 days. It has a power saving feature which allows the users to use the camera up to three months. The 8 MP camera can record high-quality video up to 60 seconds. It also has some features like other trail cameras such as infra-red and night vision abilities.

#3 Stealth Cam P18 Compact Scouting Camera

Stealth Cam P18Another low cost trail camera that can be considered is Stealth Cam P18. The 7-megapixel camera has 60 foot of range which is perfect to take images of wildlife activities. The P18 has a great durability and it also has advantages when it comes to battery life. The Stealth’s Energy Efficient technology and Time Saving Set Up help the user use the camera for a longer time. With the price of $100, you will also get 4GB (class 10) SD card and 8 AA batteries. One of the interesting features in this camera is the Burst Rapid Fire Mode. It can take 1 to 6 photos per triggering. It will be very helpful for intensive hunting activity with less scouting time. The P18 also has mini USB output for faster image transfer in the field. This camera is also easy to program. It can be operated through quick set dial or manual setup.

#4 Amcrest ATC-1201 Camera

Amcrest ATC-1201Amcrest ATC-1201 is one of the trail cameras that has LCD screen on it. It has a wide range of infrared motion sensor to capture high definition photos or videos. The night vision mode can be activated automatically based on the intensity of the received light. Its 12 Megapixel camera can capture full color image and record video with the resolution up to 1920 x 1080p. The long night vision range in this camera can take a picture automatically within the range of 65ft. you can see the resulting image quickly from 2-ich LCD screen on the top part of this camera. Powered by 8 AA batteries, the ATC-1201 has the stand-by time about three months. You can tie it in a tree using a belt or place it on a tripod. The 0.7 seconds trigger speed is fast enough to capture multi-shot up to 9 pictures. The picture will be stored on the SD card.

#5 Moultrie M-880i Camera

Moultrie M-880iThe last best trail camera on the list is Moultrie M-880i. The second generation camera has better image quality, easy-to-use features, and longer battery life. The Quick Start setting is very helpful when the camera must be used immediately. The M-880i has 50-foot detection range. The resulting picture can be set in low (1280 x 720), medium (1920 x 1080), high (2688 x 1512), or enhanced (3840 x 2160). The invisible flash is the best technology in the camera which can capture photos and videos up to 70 feet at night. Combined with Motion Freeze technology, the M-880i can produce better pictures on moving objects.